Wanderlust TV

A platform providing streaming yoga and wellness classes, as well as 30 day challenges.


As Product Manager, I worked with our multidisciplinary team to take the new business line from conception to launch. I conducted research, surveys, created wireframes, designed the user experience, and worked closely with the CEO, design, marketing and development teams.
As the technical lead for Wanderlust, I had additional responsibilities including product ownership, overseeing back-end engineering and integrations.


Wanderlust TV provides users around the world with streaming yoga and wellness classes. In addition to the free and paid classes, Wanderlust TV offers 30 day challenges, where participants complete a sequential challenge in real time.


  • Over 100,000 participants in the 21-Day Meditation Challenge
  • Average user session 25.7m
  • Over 500 classes available
  • Premium classes range from $6.99 – $19.99
  • Viewers from over 150 countries 


  • I’ve validated that I can take an idea from concept to launch and create a profitable product line
  • This process reinforced the importance of understanding what features are required for a successful MVP vs creating a complete and “perfect” product
  • Make or buy
  • Working with multiple teams

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